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Medieval constructing like 1200 years ago

Experience the Middle Ages

On “Campus Galli” you can witness what a medieval construction site could have looked like 1200 years ago: with the tools and techniques of the 9th century, craftsmen and volunteers are building a monastery complex based on the Plan of Saint Gall.

World-famous for its uniqueness it had been drawn 1200 years ago, not far away on the Reichenau Island. Without the help of machines or modern tools, this piece of history comes to life now.

A pair of oxen is pulling logs to the construction site. Carpenters are hewing beams into perfect shape with their axes. In the forge you can hear the blacksmith smiting on the anvil. Everything is done by hand, everything is a bit harder, more laborious than in today’s world, everything takes longer. But it may also be a little more satisfying and fulfilling.

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The Plan of St. Gall

1200 years ago benedictine monks created an idealized plan of a monastic compound on Reichenau Island. This plan is the foundation of our medieval construction project „Campus Galli“.

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A very exciting project!!!!!
We visited in 2013 and liked it a lot.

Beate -Facebook

Awesome! I'm looking forward to see the progress over the years.

Uli -Facebook

I find this project exciting and fantastic. After having participated myself for a week, I can only recommend it!

Mona -Facebook

Through the ongoing works on the construction site you see something new each time.

Tina -Facebook